Our History

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Our History

In 1983, Agape’s founder, Dr. Jose E. Hernandez, inspired by the great need of a special group of women in Miami-Dade County, founded a mission that was greater than he alone could fulfill.  With faith in God’s calling, he asked others to join him in establishing Agape Family Ministries as a residential treatment facility for women being released from jail.  These women sought to improve all aspects of their lives, particularly the spiritual.

Agape was one of the first faith-based substance abuse and mental health residential treatment facilities in Miami. The incorporation of spiritual health into the healing and recovery process is what separates Agape from other providers and serves as the base from which all of our care coordination emanates.

Expanding our services beyond a residential program, today Agape Network is a comprehensive, integrated healthcare agency that provides a medical health home model for all clients and patients, including at-risk children and families in Miami-Dade County.


Our Mission

Restoring Individuals and Families to Psychological, Social, Physical and Spiritual Health" 

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