President and CEO’S Message

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President and CEO’S Message


Dear Friends,



Welcome to the Agape Network!


Agape Network is a nationally accredited, integrated, community health center that has provided effective behavioral health, substance use disorder treatment, recovery services, and family reunification for more than 30 years.

Together in loving service, the Agape Network has been a model for public and private partnerships that include Dept. of Children & Families (DCF), Dept. of Corrections (DOC), Criminal Justice, Jail Diversion, Dept. of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), School Board, AHCA, MMA, PSN, Federal, State, and Local Funding, achieving the combined mission of state and local government with grassroots community organizations.

As a member of Health Choice Network (HCN), Agape is part of one of the Nation’s most successful collaborations of community health centers. HCN helps provide Agape the innovative infrastructure that includes electronic health records, integrated primary care and behavioral health care, care coordination, revenue cycle management/central billing, informatics, population health, predictive analytics, preventive value-based care, research and managed care networks. 

Agape’s multiple programs provide a continuum of care with a holistic approach for all clients and their families. Agape recognizes that long-term recovery and stability from mental illness, substance use disorders, criminality, and severe trauma requires alternative programming to traditional models of treatment and rehabilitation.

Agape’s evidence-based practices incorporate a diverse overlay of programs that include: Art, Vegetable & Wellness Plant Nursery, Dance, Music, Theater, and Equine Therapy. This helps Agape further individualize the client treatment plan for long-term recovery that helps them and their children reach their full God-given potential.

Today over 1,000 children and families receive weekly services through Agapes Residential Inpatient and Outpatient Departments. Agape is a non-profit and non-sectarian community health center also offering residential services to underserved women, including pregnant and postpartum mothers, diverting them from the foster care system, criminal justice, and state-operated facilities.

Agape’s holistic mission is to restore individuals and families to psychological, social, physical and spiritual health.


Sincerely yours,

President/Chief Executive Officer


Our Mission

Restoring Individuals and Families to Psychological, Social, Physical and Spiritual Health" 

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